ESF 2022

General Information

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Thursday, 29.9.22

8 p.m. - 3 a.m.

at ETH Hönggerberg



Here you can see the premises. Pro tip: Download the picture/Take a screenshot to have it ready all the time!


Presale only (keine Abendkasse)
Tickets available at the beginning of the semester.
You have to be at least 18 years old to get in.
One way: You cannot re-enter the premises when you leave them.
Bags: You can only bring bags with size max. A5 and no alcoholic beverages. There will be a wardrobe to put your bags.

Ticket Categories

There are different ticket categories. Click down below to find out more.

Food on the premises

On the premises of the party we offer 3 different food trucks and a dessert-like truck where you can buy food.

food trucks

Free Shuttle Bus

food trucks food trucks


Plan where you can find the saferoom (coming soon)


Our goal is that everyone has a great time at ESF and feels comfortable. Please take care of yourself and everyone else at the party and be respectful.
On our Awareness page you can find out more about our values and measures to give everyone a great experience.
Do you need help with anything? Click the link below.
outfit helpers

Lost and Found (Fundsachen)

We have gathered all things that we found. You can check them out here [1] and here [2]. Just write an email to projekte[ät] if you see your lost object. We also have some jewelry and ear pods, write a description of them, so we can check if we found them.

Helper Shifts

Do you want to get a free entry, a cool shirt and some vouchers for drinks? Sign up for a helper shift!

If you want to take up a bit more responsibility and become a cader-helper, contact us here: projekte[ät]

Note: Bar helpers are recruited by the student associations (Fachvereine) and organizations who host a bar themselves.

Our Sponsors



Can I come to ESF if I'm under 18?

No, you have to be 18 years old to come, we will not let you in even if you have a ticket. But you can write to projekte[ät] next year to get into the next ESF, when you're 18.

I studied at an other university, but it is my first semester at ETH. Can I use the ticket price for Erstis?

No, if your legi number does not start with 22- you can not buy a Erstitcket

I study at the University of Zurich, does the ETH-student price aply to me?

No, the ETH student price is only for ETH students, you have to buy an external ticket.

Do you have any questions and don't find them answered? Send a e-mail to info[ät] or write us a DM on instagram.

Can I take over a helper shift, if I'm not an ETH student


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