ESF 2022

All about Awareness and Help

Our Awareness Concept

At ESF everyone should have fun and feel comfortable at all times. Please be aware that you are responsible for your own actions and the impact it might have on others. Let's stand together against any kind of discrimination and allow all people to feel comfortable. In this space: Discriminatory and assaultive behaviour based on gender, appearance, sexual orientation, origin etc. will not be accepted. Respect your own and others' personal boundaries. You actively shape the space with your behavior. Everyone should have space and no one should be discriminated against on the basis of any characteristics.

If you witness cross border behavior or are affected by it yourself, our team is there for you.

You can:

  • talk to our Helpers
  • come to the safe room
  • or contact our phone number [tba].

The Safe Room

The safe room is a place where you can find help in case of distress. If you don’t feel comfortable at the party area anymore and need a retreat, come to the safe space located in HCI E 8 (see plan below). You will find calm and, if you want, helpers to talk to. You can come alone or accompanied by a friend.

Situation examples where you could need a safe room:

  • Someone is making you feel uncomfortable and you need a place to escape or someone to talk to.
  • You are having a bad trip. You are feeling like a blackout could happen and want to be safe.
  • You are overwhelmed by the crowd and need a short break.
  • For any other reason a break or psychological support could be needed.

We are here to help, not to judge.

Helpers on the Party Area

If you have a question or need help, there will be staff ready to react. You can recognize them by their blue T-shirt with the inscription “Helpers”, and “Talk to me if you need anything” and a blue cap. They will always try to help you in your interest.

Situation examples where a Helper could be useful:

  • Someone is bothering you and you need help.
  • You are looking for the saferoom.
  • You don’t feel well and need someone to bring you to the Sanitäter, toilets or saferoom.
  • You need water and can’t find any on your own anymore.
  • You are lost and need help with orientation.

Contact & Help Points

You would like to talk to someone anonymously during or after the party?

Nightline -

+41 44 633 77 77

You need help but don‘t find an awareness helper or security, you can contact

Awareness OK


Good to know before the party

GHB-type drugs can make you feel the following:

  • You can't stand up.
  • You are overcome by vomiting.
  • You feel confused and/or sleepy.
  • You feel uninhibited.
  • You feel very hot.

If you think you or a friend could have been drugged contact our staff immediately, they will escort you or your friend to the Sanität room.

Want to join?

You have experience in awareness, have psychological knowledge or just like the concept and would like to join us (or have feedback or suggestions), you can contact our Awareness OK with dchaouat[ät]

outfit helpers
Our Helpers

Helpers will be there the whole evening ready to help!

outfit helpers
Location of the Saferoom

Go to the arrow to get to the entrance to the building where the saferoom is located